Revision History

The revision history is a spreadsheet containing all past, current, and future issues with Mixere. The issues are ordered by category, close date, and open date. The categories are as follows:

bug an outstanding problem, to be fixed asap
done a resolved problem or completed enhancement
hold a proposed enhancement that's being deferred
punt an outstanding problem that's being deferred

Object Charts

These charts describe relationships between Mixere's various component objects. Only two types of relationship are shown: inheritance (AKA "is a"), and composition (AKA "has a"). Inheritance is indicated by curved connectors, and always moves down the page; i.e. a derived object always appears below its base class. Composition is indicated by straight connectors with arrowheads, and may move in any direction, though generally it moves down the page also. When two objects use each other (co-dependence), this is indicated by a connector with an arrowhead at both ends. Note that the undo system is integrated into MFC's object hierarchy using multiple inheritance.

CMixereView mixer, channels, and controls
CMixereDoc document information flow
CMainFrm main frame control bars
CChildFrm child frame control bars

You'll need flash to view these charts.