id open close type description rev user
189 09/07/18   bug song edits sometimes leave fragments, especially if zoom is changed while editing    
272 01/26/19   bug resizing docked pane via mouse drag leaves artifacts in Windows 10; affects stock VS2012 app too    
273 01/26/19   bug resizing docked pane via mouse drag leaves gap between scroll bar and pane, when two or more documents exist; affects stock VS2012 app too    
297 11/04/19   bug Graphviz times out if modulation is too complicated; introduce variable timeout option?    
298 11/12/19   bug MDI tab control sometimes disappears after opening or closing document; hard to reproduce    
303 12/03/19   bug playback lags behind UI by one tick (0.5 seconds) at tempo of 1 with GS Synth (see phase test)    
304 12/10/19   bug steps aren't drawn when track's quant is very large (e.g. 30720) and step view is zoomed in    
319 03/04/20   bug in step view, very long tracks aren't displayed when zoomed in; caused by scroll view's 32-bit limitations    
348 04/07/20   bug stopping sequencer occasionally causes MIDI error 65 (still playing); happens every time in Mac Wine    
349 04/07/20   bug attempting to open MIDI device that's already open gives misleading out of memory error message    
352 04/10/20   bug sequencer is taking too long; probable cause is time-critical winmm thread preempting sequencer callback    
358 04/17/20   bug Time To Repeat command can take too long, stalling UI; show progress bar or use worker thread    
376 06/20/20   bug undoing modulation edit doesn't restore modulation selection; can't without also restoring track selection and Show Differences state    
392 07/10/20   bug Alt key commands don't work mode while cursor is hovering over MDI tab; affects stock VS2012 app too    
458 07/22/21   bug song position and loop to/from don't report formatting errors; song length reports errors but doesn't retry    
515 04/04/22   bug changing track length via mapped control can cause undo/redo of step array edits to fail    
532 08/01/22   bug modulation bar's label tooltip shows stale data if track selection changes    
1 03/22/18 03/25/18 done tempo change while playing  
2 03/22/18 03/25/18 done PPQ change; only while stopped for now  
3 03/22/18 03/25/18 done add velocity to test app  
4 03/22/18 03/26/18 done add document read/write  
5 03/22/18 03/26/18 done add undo  
24 03/25/18 03/26/18 done prevent PPQ change while playing  
6 03/22/18 03/27/18 done test critical section in callback; no discernable impact  
25 03/25/18 03/27/18 done select MIDI device; options dialog  
26 03/25/18 03/27/18 done specify latency; options dialog  
27 03/25/18 03/27/18 done track names  
28 03/25/18 03/30/18 done drag reorder tracks  
29 03/25/18 03/30/18 done insert or delete tracks  
30 03/25/18 03/30/18 done undo test  
31 03/25/18 04/01/18 done icon  
32 03/25/18 04/02/18 done check for updates  
33 03/25/18 04/09/18 done duration offset  
34 03/25/18 04/10/18 done optionally show current position within each track  
35 03/25/18 04/11/18 done multi-track property editing  
36 03/25/18 04/12/18 done go to position, both while stopped and while playing  
37 03/25/18 04/12/18 done negative song position  
38 03/25/18 04/13/18 done export MIDI file  
55 04/13/18 04/14/18 done time to repeat; compute how long it takes for selected tracks to repeat, in beats and time  
39 03/25/18 04/16/18 done channels bar; one row per channel with columns for bank, patch, volume, and pan  
57 04/15/18 04/16/18 done input MIDI device; optionally pass input events through to output device via sequencer  
60 04/17/18 04/17/18 done handle MIDI device changes  
61 04/17/18 04/18/18 done if MIDI device change occurs while options dialog is active, dialog's device drop lists should update  
58 04/16/18 04/19/18 done grid control must support numeric edit with spin control  
40 03/25/18 04/24/18 done unlimited track length  
41 03/25/18 04/26/18 done make step width proportional to track's quantization  
64 04/25/18 04/26/18 done multi-channel edit in channels bar  
62 04/24/18 04/27/18 done add ruler numbered in beats to step view  
66 04/26/18 04/28/18 done sort tracks; multi-level sorting  
42 03/25/18 04/30/18 done add support for tied notes  
63 04/24/18 04/30/18 done indicate beats in step view, via vertical grid lines  
43 03/25/18 05/02/18 done in step view, add rectangular selection of steps via right-click and drag  
44 03/25/18 05/02/18 done in step view, add track selection via right-click and vertical drag over mute buttons  
68 05/03/18 05/04/18 done tied notes with swing overlapping due to incorrect durations; fixed  
45 03/25/18 05/06/18 done step editing commands; cut, copy, paste, insert, delete  
69 05/03/18 05/08/18 done add error check for product of track's length and quant exceeding range of 32-bit integer  
54 04/12/18 05/10/18 done synchronize vertical scrolling between track and step views  
67 04/27/18 05/10/18 done step view's ruler shouldn't scroll vertically off screen  
7 03/22/18 05/12/18 done velocity editing  
75 05/13/18 05/13/18 done contracting step selection over narrow steps leaves one pixel wide vertical strips of unerased selection  
8 03/22/18 05/15/18 done controller tracks  
70 05/10/18 05/15/18 done implement next/previous pane (F6)  
76 05/15/18 05/15/18 done mute buttons shouldn't scroll horizontally off screen  
77 05/15/18 05/15/18 done step selection is invisible if show current position option is false  
78 05/15/18 05/16/18 done reverse selected tracks or steps  
46 03/25/18 05/17/18 done rotate selected tracks or steps left or right  
71 05/10/18 05/17/18 done tempo nudge; implement spin button control for floating-point properties  
79 05/15/18 05/18/18 done other functions besides line for controller fill: sine, triangle  
80 05/15/18 05/19/18 done Ben reports missing MIDI devices, VirtualMIDISynth has blank name; wrong struct size in GetDeviceNames  
85 05/19/18 05/19/18 done muting track doesn't update current position color  
86 05/19/18 05/20/18 done make zoom step size adjustable  
87 05/19/18 05/20/18 done add tie notes mode; instead of always defaulting to untied note, let user specify the default  
59 04/16/18 05/21/18 done optionally show note names instead of numbers in note edit controls  
84 05/18/18 05/21/18 done track view occasionally paints incorrectly when scrolled via step view; clamp scroll range  
88 05/19/18 05/21/18 done key signature  
89 05/19/18 05/21/18 done transpose command  
90 05/19/18 05/21/18 done zoom should persist in document  
47 03/25/18 05/22/18 done record live arrangement of song, consisting of dubs (track mute/unmute)  
91 05/19/18 05/22/18 done show current position in time as well as beats and ticks  
101 05/22/18 05/22/18 done auto-repeated arrow key in tempo edit property sets tempo to one instead of incrementing  
104 05/24/18 05/24/18 done deleting current step crashes app  
107 06/02/18 06/02/18 done in a popup edit control, left-clicking up/down spin button or pressing up/down arrow key crashes in x64; bad cast  
108 06/02/18 06/02/18 done mute buttons aren't same height as steps and tracks  
48 03/25/18 06/04/18 done song view: edit arrangement on timeline  
65 04/25/18 06/04/18 done popup numeric edit's spin control should affect sequencer output immediately  
81 05/15/18 06/04/18 done shift selected tracks or steps left or right  
105 05/30/18 06/04/18 done add Track and Transport menus  
94 05/20/18 06/05/18 done track view's column widths and order should persist  
95 05/20/18 06/05/18 done channels bar's column widths and order should persist  
96 05/20/18 06/05/18 done splitter bar positions should be same for all documents and should persist  
109 06/02/18 06/05/18 done optionally show General MIDI patch and drum names instead of numbers (in Channels and Track views)  
115 06/05/18 06/05/18 done property lists weren't showing tooltips for partially visible property names, for all non-numeric property types  
118 06/07/18 06/07/18 done after recording, playback prompts to replace recording  
92 05/19/18 06/09/18 done toggling should behave consistently in step, mute, and song views  
102 05/23/18 06/09/18 done track solo  
116 06/05/18 06/12/18 done cut, copy, paste, delete and insert in song view  
9 03/22/18 06/18/18 done presets bar  
120 06/13/18 06/18/18 done page up / down and home / end keys should behave as usual in step and song views  
121 06/18/18 06/18/18 done track view columns disappear due to zero column widths  
10 03/22/18 06/20/18 done parts bar for grouping tracks; part members display as a single entity in live view and mute/unmute together  
122 06/20/18 06/20/18 done on opening doc, step or song view size is initially incorrect if doc was saved with any zoom other than one  
123 06/20/18 06/20/18 done full screen mode  
11 03/22/18 06/21/18 done live performance view (similar to Jock) with presets and grouped parts  
97 05/21/18 06/23/18 done song meter  
12 03/22/18 07/03/18 done inter-track modulation; modulation types are mute, note, velocity, and duration  
125 07/04/18 07/04/18 done in step view, fix inconsistent tie notes behavior  
126 07/05/18 07/05/18 done fix negative song position displaying incorrectly  
127 07/05/18 07/05/18 done add song start position to master properties  
128 07/05/18 07/05/18 done optionally show descriptions in properties bar  
103 05/23/18 07/06/18 done default note velocity should be configurable  
110 06/04/18 07/06/18 done optionally always record dubs and automatically save recording to new file name  
129 07/05/18 07/06/18 done in live view, add solo button  
130 07/05/18 07/06/18 done in live view, show elapsed time  
131 07/05/18 07/06/18 done add command to update a part from current track selection  
136 07/06/18 07/06/18 done undo update preset deletes preset instead of restoring its state  
137 07/06/18 07/07/18 done in track view, for non-note track types, using note edit control's spin buttons unexpectedly shows note names  
132 07/05/18 07/09/18 done in live view, indicate current position within each part  
138 07/06/18 07/09/18 done in live view, make font height configurable  
140 07/08/18 07/09/18 done view type should persist in document  
141 07/08/18 07/09/18 done on showing live view, select current preset if applicable  
143 07/09/18 07/10/18 done in live view, make list widths adjustable via dragging their headers; also make widths persistent  
142 07/08/18 07/11/18 done in live view, solo button should indicate mouse hover  
144 07/09/18 07/11/18 done in live view, part progress bars should scroll with parts list  
145 07/13/18 07/13/18 done right-click in step view ruler causes spurious step selection  
146 07/13/18 07/16/18 done right-click in live view's progress bars should clear selection  
150 07/16/18 07/16/18 done in live view, apply preset was setting document modified flag  
13 03/22/18 07/17/18 done overdubbing; add dubs to an existing recording  
151 07/17/18 07/17/18 done prevent self-modulation by excluding selected tracks from drop list of potential modulators; avoids error message  
152 07/17/18 07/17/18 done in modulation bar, don't notify undoable edit unless modulator has actually changed  
153 07/17/18 07/17/18 done in song view, undoing dubs past end of song doesn't update view correctly; affects recording too  
154 07/17/18 07/18/18 done add shift and rotate by specified number of steps  
155 07/17/18 07/19/18 done select all should work in song view  
159 07/21/18 07/21/18 done mouse wheel occasionally overflows stack; delegate by calling handler directly instead of sending message  
160 07/21/18 07/21/18 done add sort by track ID; useful for putting tracks back in their original order after sorting by something else  
139 07/07/18 07/27/18 done record indicator in live view  
161 07/23/18 07/27/18 done live view should include tempo, key signature and meter  
169 07/27/18 07/27/18 done in live view, if parts are selected, clicking in presets list should toggle parts instead of applying preset  
170 07/27/18 07/27/18 done pitch bend gets stuck when switching between presets; cache MIDI parameter values instead of part values  
175 07/28/18 07/28/18 done closing all open documents at once (via Windows dialog, select all, Close Window(s) button) crashes app  
163 07/26/18 07/31/18 done step view should indicate track selection  
171 07/27/18 07/31/18 done velocity tooltip disappears if cursor leaves window while dragging velocity bar; must call Popup  
172 07/27/18 07/31/18 done velocity tooltip occasionally disappears when velocity bar is left-clicked; calling Popup seems to fix it  
178 07/30/18 07/31/18 done in CLiveView::OnUpdate view type case, no need to test view type, it's already filtered outside switch  
179 07/30/18 07/31/18 done step view grid should draw each row's top grid line all at once instead of step by step  
173 07/27/18 08/01/18 done velocity pane close button, in slack area left of velocities  
176 07/28/18 08/02/18 done on entering live view, parts must have consistent mute states, otherwise part toggling behaves unexpectedly  
177 07/29/18 08/05/18 done after adding tracks to a part, presets can give unexpected results; make preset mutes consistent in live view  
147 07/14/18 09/14/18 done allow up to four mute modulators; temporary workaround until unlimited modulation is implemented  
195 09/18/18 09/18/18 done empty parts cause assertion in CTrackGroupArray::Read, due to null buffer pointer passed to GetBinary  
196 09/18/18 09/18/18 done song MIDI export that includes dubbing and merges tracks by channel  
197 09/18/18 09/18/18 done modulation dubbing in export differs from playback, due to different latency; use playback latency in export  
191 09/14/18 09/19/18 done left-clicking in step view's ruler should move current position, just as with song view  
98 05/21/18 09/20/18 done step and song view rulers should show beat:tick, or measure:beat:tick if meter is specified  
199 09/19/18 09/21/18 done in step and song views, arrows should scroll similarly to list control; Ctrl for by page, else by line  
187 09/06/18 09/24/18 done in live view, if list is too long to fit, auto-resizing unexpectedly creates horizontal scroll bar  
188 09/06/18 09/24/18 done in live view, left-click in list must set focus, else mouse wheel doesn't scroll list  
174 07/27/18 09/25/18 done velocity pane's tooltips should optionally show signed values; left-clicking origin label toggles signed mode  
202 09/26/18 09/26/18 done in properties grid enum fields, typing a value doesn't updated target property; override PushChar  
203 09/26/18 09/26/18 done in properties grid, for properties with options, Alt+Down should drop options list  
148 07/14/18 10/01/18 done unlimited modulation, allowing track to have any number of modulators of each type  
204 10/01/18 10/01/18 done double-click in parts or presets lists but not on an item crashes  
192 09/17/18 10/02/18 done add deselect command  
185 08/29/18 10/03/18 done status bar hints for Parts and Presets context menus  
186 08/29/18 10/03/18 done add Tracks command to Parts bar context menu; select tracks belonging to selected parts  
157 07/19/18 10/08/18 done stretch command; scale track length by percentage, stretching or squashing contents as needed  
206 10/09/18 10/10/18 done Apply Preset command doesn't update live view  
207 10/10/18 10/10/18 done song MIDI export shouldn't contain empty tracks; only output tracks for channels that are actually used  
208 10/10/18 10/10/18 done arrow keys don't navigate main menus if scroll view has focus  
133 07/05/18 10/15/18 done step fill command  
210 10/17/18 10/17/18 done velocity command has no effect if offset is negative  
205 10/03/18 10/18/18 done import MIDI file, converting notes to tracks  
211 10/17/18 10/20/18 done in track, mute, and song views, dragging selection beyond window boundaries should scroll view  
134 07/05/18 10/25/18 done pasting modulated tracks often behaves unexpectedly; in clipboard, modulators must be unique IDs not indices  
216 10/25/18 10/25/18 done pasting tracks doesn't update song view size  
214 10/22/18 10/27/18 done refactor so that document's rectangular step selection is always current; step view shouldn't handle commands  
213 10/21/18 10/29/18 done change modulation type or source for multiple modulations at once  
215 10/23/18 10/29/18 done velocity origin state should be the same in all open documents and should persist  
218 10/28/18 10/29/18 done song view's grid should indicate track selection, as in step view  
182 07/31/18 11/01/18 done invalid step selection error occurs unexpectedly if drag overshoots to the right of track's last step  
219 11/01/18 11/01/18 done capture isn't released if window loses focus during drag  
158 07/20/18 11/05/18 done add command to offset note/step velocities; should work for controller and modulator tracks too  
180 07/30/18 11/05/18 done add command to scale step values by a multiplier; boosts track velocity without altering dynamics  
220 11/05/18 11/06/18 done velocity command's clipping check gives false positives for step selection  
221 11/06/18 11/06/18 done velocity range can be incorrect for non-note tracks, due to not masking off step's tie bit  
222 11/07/18 11/07/18 done crash when opening existing document via command line or explorer; song view has null step view pointer  
223 11/08/18 11/08/18 done zooming song view all the way out causes current position marker to slip  
190 09/08/18 11/12/18 done add song view command to move current position to next or previous dub; Shift + left/right arrows  
224 11/11/18 11/12/18 done add song view command to center current position within view by scrolling as needed; Shift + Home  
225 11/11/18 11/12/18 done go to position command should automatically center current position if it's too close to either side  
14 03/22/18 11/20/18 done recursive mute modulation (modulation of modulation); only for tracks of modulator type, to avoid incompatibility  
226 11/19/18 11/20/18 done fill command doesn't handle non-rectangular selection properly; compute max track length  
243 11/28/18 11/28/18 done group overlap warning should include option to resolve conflict by reassigning conflicted tracks  
111 06/04/18 12/02/18 done record live MIDI input to tracks; useful for inputting melodies and chords, uses import quantization option  
245 12/02/18 12/02/18 done MIDI import mangles event times, due to integer division where floating point division was intended  
209 10/11/18 12/07/18 done dubs made while song position is negative aren't recorded, because minimum dub time is zero  
244 11/28/18 12/07/18 done presets bar's Apply command should add a dub when recording  
247 12/06/18 12/07/18 done song view was restoring step view's zoom; typo in song view's OnInitialUpdate  
248 12/06/18 12/07/18 done track MIDI export outputs empty modulator tracks  
250 12/07/18 12/07/18 done MIDI export has subtle differences between debug and release versions; export must reset cached parameters  
251 12/07/18 12/10/18 done song view should show negative time when start position is less than zero  
258 12/10/18 12/10/18 done adding or removing tracks or changing PPQ doesn't update song view  
241 11/27/18 12/11/18 done note window that limits modulated note to an octave; make start note a modulation target  
252 12/08/18 12/12/18 done position modulation; rotates target track by one or more steps  
253 12/08/18 12/13/18 done import steps from CSV file; export steps from selected tracks to CSV file  
227 11/19/18 12/14/18 done add clipboard support to modulation bar, so modulations can be copied from one track to another  
228 11/19/18 12/14/18 done sort modulations by type or source, via context menu  
117 06/05/18 12/15/18 done show tooltips for truncated items in all grid controls, via label tip extended style  
246 12/05/18 12/15/18 done find and replace for track names  
254 12/08/18 12/15/18 done import modulations from CSV file, replacing existing modulations; export modulations to CSV file Benoit
260 12/14/18 12/15/18 done Ctrl + Tab should switch between documents; grid control must check for control key  
261 12/15/18 12/15/18 done show unnamed tracks in live view to avoid confusion  
255 12/08/18 12/19/18 done import tracks from CSV file; require column header, handle quotes, validate ranges; also export tracks  
262 12/18/18 12/19/18 done refactor track property info to centralize it and support property ranges and validation  
229 11/19/18 01/03/19 done MIDI output bar that displays sequencer output, with filtering options Benoit
230 11/19/18 01/09/19 done command that resets window layout to defaults; useful for dual monitor setups Benoit
231 11/19/18 01/09/19 done piano bar that displays sequencer output notes on a piano keyboard, with filtering  
263 01/11/19 01/12/19 done recursive position modulation; essential for position modulation of mute masks  
265 01/13/19 01/14/19 done piano bar's note names should match key signature  
266 01/14/19 01/15/19 done insert track from piano bar, via context menu or Ctrl + left-click  
267 01/15/19 01/16/19 done import MIDI file, import steps, and record to tracks corrupt track indices due to lack of track array transaction  
268 01/16/19 01/17/19 done in recursive modulation, handle mute by continuing instead of aborting  
270 01/20/19 01/21/19 done modulation bar paste doesn't set document modified flag  
271 01/20/19 01/21/19 done modulation bar doesn't update all views consistently  
242 11/27/18 01/28/19 done modulation graph, via Graphviz; output SVG and display in IWebBrowser control  
256 12/09/18 01/28/19 done right click on track list header divider unexpectedly shows view context menu  
275 01/28/19 01/29/19 done add MIDI input bar  
276 01/29/19 01/29/19 done MIDI through from input device to sequencer should exclude system status messages  
277 01/30/19 01/30/19 done graph doesn't fill window if system text size is greater than 100%  
278 01/31/19 01/31/19 done if no active document, graph should be empty  
279 02/01/19 02/01/19 done piano bar keys get stuck on if MIDI input device sends note off instead of note on with zero velocity  
280 02/01/19 02/01/19 done left-clicking piano key should optionally output note if sequencer is playing; add output channel to context menu  
249 12/06/18 02/04/19 done offset command that shifts selected tracks in time by adding a value to their offsets  
282 02/06/19 02/07/19 done exported MIDI file may have incorrect initial track mute state; chase to start position, not minimum dub time  
283 02/10/19 02/12/19 done add tools export of song MIDI data to CSV file; useful for debugging and comparing mixes  
284 02/14/19 02/14/19 done refactor export to avoid track mode special cases; export one MIDI file track per channel in all cases  
281 02/04/19 02/26/19 done optionally prevent overlapping instances of the same note on the same channel  
287 03/19/19 03/22/19 done add invert command to track menu  
288 03/21/19 03/22/19 done left-clicking within mute pane but not on mute button should toggle selected mutes  
291 05/09/19 05/09/19 done in velocity pane, bars with value of 64 don't quite line up with origin; rounding issue  
293 05/22/19 05/30/19 done piano bar shows tempo changes; ignore events with non-zero MSB  
162 07/23/18 07/10/19 done if key is Gb, note edit spin control drops an octave when Cb is incremented or decremented; error in ScanNoteName  
292 05/12/19 09/11/19 done support programmed tempo change and tempo map via tempo track type and tempo modulation  
295 06/10/19 11/15/19 done add unsigned / signed option to velocity scaling  
302 11/20/19 11/20/19 done switching from track view to song view sometimes leaves one cell upainted; simplifying OnDraw seems to fix it  
305 12/12/19 12/14/19 done add phase bar  
306 12/26/19 12/26/19 done zooming, scrolling or resizing song view erases portion of current position marker below last track  
307 12/26/19 12/26/19 done Time to Repeat function should report fractional ticks instead of extending cycle to beat boundary  
308 12/26/19 12/26/19 done Time to Repeat function should report years if needed  
309 12/26/19 12/28/19 done in song view, last track's bottom outline isn't drawn  
314 02/19/20 02/19/20 done tracks longer than 2047 steps are truncated; overload GetProfileString and increase buffer from 4K to 64K  
315 02/19/20 02/25/20 done GetPrivateProfileString limits tracks to 32767 steps and 255 dubs; avoid it by implementing INI file read/write  
112 06/04/18 02/29/20 done optionally record live MIDI input  
316 02/27/20 02/29/20 done crash can occur if MIDI input is received while closing app; main frame OnDestroy must close input device  
317 02/27/20 02/29/20 done exporting MIDI file modifies track mutes (without updating UI); save and restore track mutes  
313 02/18/20 03/02/20 done GetChannelUsage should exclude tempo tracks  
311 01/27/20 03/04/20 done add convergence calculator  
320 03/04/20 03/04/20 done editing of recorded input is half-baked so remove it for now  
321 03/06/20 03/06/20 done in track view, shift-selecting via keyboard fails at bottom and top of list; delay item changed notification  
299 11/12/19 03/16/20 done add scale, index and voicing modulation  
300 11/12/19 03/17/20 done step values grid view, to allow numeric editing of step values for selected tracks  
322 03/17/20 03/17/20 done changing track's Quant doesn't update its current position in Step view  
49 03/25/18 03/20/20 done MIDI mapping; both translation and mapping to track parameters, with manual assignment and learn mode  
323 03/26/20 03/27/20 done after disconnecting an input device and connecting a different input device, no MIDI input is received  
324 03/27/20 03/27/20 done mapping for input event that don't have a control parameter (wheel etc.) only works if control parameter is zero  
325 03/27/20 03/28/20 done MIDI learn should support multiple selection; learn multiple mappings all at once  
326 03/27/20 03/28/20 done add mapping command Map Tracks that creates mappings for all selected tracks  
327 03/28/20 03/28/20 done undoing MIDI learn doesn't always restore control parameter  
328 03/30/20 03/30/20 done voicing should sort scale into ascending order, so that index zero corresponds to lowest scale tone  
329 03/30/20 03/30/20 done index modulation was being converted from unsigned to signed twice, causing incorrect results  
330 03/30/20 03/31/20 done Step Values bar should account for key signature when displaying notes  
332 03/31/20 04/01/20 done export phase diagram to image sequence  
333 04/01/20 04/01/20 done refactor context menu handling  
334 04/02/20 04/03/20 done time shown in status bar should include milliseconds  
335 04/02/20 04/03/20 done go to position command should have option to specify time in h:mm:ss.millis  
336 04/03/20 04/04/20 done add chord modulation type; dynamic subset of indices into current scale  
310 12/26/19 04/05/20 done in song track name view, draw bottom gridline  
338 04/04/20 04/05/20 done allow mapping to target track steps, with output control parameter selecting which step  
337 04/03/20 04/06/20 done Time to Repeat command crashes or fails in OSX via WineBottler; culprit is GetNumberFormatEx, emulate it  
339 04/04/20 04/06/20 done show error message if sequencer callback takes too long  
341 04/05/20 04/06/20 done import steps should handle note names, with or without octaves  
342 04/05/20 04/06/20 done Step Values bar should support copying text to clipboard  
345 04/06/20 04/06/20 done editing tempo should update current time in status bar  
343 04/05/20 04/07/20 done Step Values bar should support standard editing commands, provided step selection is rectangular Benoit
346 04/06/20 04/14/20 done optionally output MIDI clock and start / stop / song position  
56 04/14/18 04/15/20 done Insert Group command in modulation dialog; list boxes instead of drop lists, select multiple sources at once  
357 04/16/20 04/17/20 done Step Values bar should support editing multiple steps at once, within a contiguous range of selected items  
368 05/13/20 04/17/20 done assign custom colors to tracks Benoit
359 04/17/20 04/18/20 done optimize add track events; don't iterate modulators for tracks that are muted or are modulators  
361 04/22/20 04/22/20 done if Modulations bar's grid is empty, modulation sort is disabled; only disable if there's no track selection  
362 04/22/20 04/30/20 done in Step Values bar, multi-step edit doesn't work if value is unchanged but differs from other steps in the range  
363 04/30/20 04/30/20 done list scrolling gets stuck if app loses focus during item drag; list's CancelDrag must kill scroll timer  
364 04/30/20 04/30/20 done Window menu's Windows command displays incorrect status bar hint; fix EnableWindowsDialog params  
365 05/05/20 05/06/20 done receiving MIDI input that's mapped to track properties stalls UI during playback; main frame's OnUpdate was resetting view timer for every update  
369 05/22/20 05/23/20 done negative voicing value should raise voice an octave up instead of lowering it an octave down  
366 05/06/20 06/03/20 done undo record doesn't restore input events  
367 05/06/20 06/03/20 done add option to record live input only, preserving dubs  
15 03/22/18 06/08/20 done offset modulation; feasible by delaying notes until subsequent callbacks  
360 04/17/20 06/10/20 done Convergences commands can take too long, stalling UI; show progress bar  
371 06/08/20 06/13/20 done add Transport menu commands that find next or previous convergence  
350 04/07/20 06/17/20 done properties bar should derive from custom dockable pane  
16 03/22/18 06/18/20 done add help IDs and resolve help ID conflicts  
374 06/17/20 06/18/20 done Graph bar's context menu doesn't show status hints for layout types; missing case in OnMenuSelect  
375 06/18/20 06/18/20 done if floating dock bar has focus when help is invoked, help browser ducks behind app's main window; specify topmost extended style in help project file  
377 06/20/20 06/22/20 done deleting modulation(s) doesn't deselect corresponding list items  
378 06/20/20 06/22/20 done inserting or pasting modulations doesn't select corresponding list items  
379 06/20/20 06/22/20 done pasting or inserting modulations while Show Differences is enabled can insert spurious all-zero mute modulations  
380 06/24/20 06/24/20 done non-client portion of floating dock bar isn't painted when restoring app from minimize; need RedrawAllMiniFrames  
274 01/26/19 06/27/20 done Docking Windows submenu doesn't show hints in status bar; handle in OnSetMessageString  
381 06/24/20 06/28/20 done track parameter mappings should work even when sequencer is stopped or there's no output device  
382 06/24/20 06/30/20 done MIDI import and Record Tracks commands should handle other channel messages instead of only notes  
385 07/04/20 07/04/20 done add Windows menu commands for new horizontal / vertical tab group  
386 07/04/20 07/05/20 done undoing/redoing track name, length, quant or mute while showing live view doesn't update live view  
387 07/04/20 07/05/20 done if multiple documents are shown via tab groups, playing but inactive document doesn't update its views  
388 07/04/20 07/05/20 done undoing/redoing tempo edit doesn't update song time in status bar  
389 07/04/20 07/09/20 done if document has multiple windows, changing view type affects first window instead of active one  
390 07/09/20 07/09/20 done live view actions don't update Phase bar's mute states when playback is stopped  
391 07/09/20 07/09/20 done solo command doesn't update Step Values bar's mute states when playback is stopped  
384 07/04/20 07/17/20 done if document has multiple windows with different view types, song mode causes mute state inconsistencies  
397 07/28/20 07/28/20 done add custom option to transport convergence size submenu  
394 07/21/20 07/29/20 done standardize status hints, e.g. View/Velocities  
398 07/28/20 07/29/20 done song view should show tool tips for truncated track names  
399 07/31/20 07/31/20 done changing length or quant of multiple tracks at once doesn't update Phase bar  
400 08/03/20 08/04/20 done next/previous pane command is unreliable; child frame doesn't always receive the command  
404 08/22/20 09/07/20 done add preset and part mapping, so presets can be selected and parts can be muted/unmuted via MIDI message  
406 09/07/20 09/07/20 done step mapping saved in document crashes app when document is reopened  
408 09/20/20 09/24/20 done in live view, order parts by their lowest track index and merge them with ungrouped tracks instead of appending  
409 09/24/20 09/28/20 done add commands to sort parts by name or lowest track index  
411 09/30/20 09/30/20 done selecting a part's tracks via parts bar followed by cut or delete crashes if part's tracks aren't in ascending order  
412 10/07/20 10/07/20 done Time to Repeat should compute greatest prime factor in common unit if possible  
413 10/07/20 10/07/20 done in Stretch command, make interpolation of non-note tracks optional  
414 10/08/20 10/08/20 done stretch interpolation is skewed, and should ignore tie bit  
415 10/15/20 10/19/20 done can't find Graphviz 2.44; layout executables are missing, specify layout via dot parameter, support x64  
417 10/26/20 10/26/20 done fill dialog's signed/unsigned radio buttons can cause validation errors; don't compensate value range  
401 08/05/20 11/05/20 done find and replace for step values; add another page to Velocities property sheet  
17 03/22/18 11/16/20 done PPQ change should update tracks (Quant, Offset, Swing, Duration) instead of zooming step view  
356 04/15/20 11/16/20 done canceling Find / Replace dialog crashes debug version, but only when run without debugger; don't destroy window  
419 11/16/20 11/16/20 done live view shows incorrect song position and time after transport commands; values lag by one update  
420 11/16/20 11/16/20 done live view shows incorrect song position after editing meter, and incorrect song time after editing tempo  
418 11/16/20 11/17/20 done after clicking drop list in property bar, undo/redo is disabled; check for read-only edit control with in-place edit ID  
421 11/17/20 11/17/20 done left-clicking grid control item after pressing and releasing Alt key crashes or throws improper argument  
422 11/17/20 11/17/20 done Step Values bar should support spin edit; increment/decrement via mouse wheel or arrow up/down  
423 11/17/20 11/17/20 done left-clicking grid control item crashes if window that's losing focus uses its kill focus handler to reset focus  
351 04/07/20 11/18/20 done attach and auto-hide are disabled for Piano and MIDI Input/Output bars, due to output capture management  
425 11/18/20 11/18/20 done pinned (auto-hide) Phase bar doesn't animate when unhidden; simplify visibility test in OnShowChanging  
424 11/18/20 11/18/20 done add maximize command to dockable pane's context menu; supports unattached floating panes only  
508 06/30/20 11/20/20 done in Wine, stopping playback always gives MIDI error 65 (media data is still playing); Fixed in Wine 5.22   Wine
509 06/30/20 11/20/20 done in Wine, changing list selection color via custom draw (MIDI learn, Live view) doesn't work; Fixed in Wine 5.22   Wine
426 12/01/20 12/01/20 done song view's go to next/previous dub finds invisible dubs; must exclude last duplicate dub from search  
427 12/01/20 12/04/20 done go to next/previous dub should scroll vertically as needed to ensure found dub is visible  
184 08/02/18 12/16/20 done should be able to loop playback within a specified time range, especially in song view, even approximately  
428 12/16/20 12/16/20 done if song view has focus, edit keys misbehave in popup edit control; add focus edit checks to song view  
432 01/15/21 01/19/21 done import tracks from CSV file gives error if track's length is one  
435 01/19/21 01/19/21 done editing keys don't work within popup edit control when Live view has focus  
436 01/19/21 01/19/21 done select all shortcut doesn't work within popup edit control when Song view has focus  
438 01/20/21 01/20/21 done replace skips first matching track if selection mark is already on that track  
439 01/20/21 01/20/21 done find and replace should scroll view as needed to ensure matching track is visible  
429 01/12/21 01/23/21 done in Step Values bar, Step column should be one-origin; same for track fill dialog's step range  
440 01/21/21 01/23/21 done replace string not found shows empty message box  
331 03/30/20 01/24/21 done Step Values bar should provide a means of setting song position, via Ctrl+left-click on step value  
441 01/23/21 01/24/21 done display unique prime factors of selected track durations  
430 01/12/21 02/10/21 done renaming multiple tracks should optionally append sequence numbers to keep names unique  
442 02/10/21 02/13/21 done in Step and Song views, Shift + right click should expand existing rectangular selection  
443 02/13/21 02/15/21 done add mapping targets for transport commands  
444 03/14/21 03/16/21 done Song view doesn't enable edit commands for track selection only  
445 03/14/21 03/16/21 done in Song view, left-clicking track name tooltip should hide tooltip  
446 04/07/21 05/30/21 done Step Values bar doesn't set empty items for multiple selection of tracks having differing lengths  
447 05/01/21 06/07/21 done rename rounding and truncation functions to avoid conflicts with C++ 11  
448 05/01/21 06/08/21 done fix compilation errors and warnings in Visual Studio 2019  
449 05/01/21 06/08/21 done fix compilation errors in Visual Studio 2010  
450 06/15/21 06/15/21 done main frame should delete track color toolbar button in OnDestroy to avoid memory leak  
451 06/20/21 06/20/21 done dockable bars handle editing commands inconsistently; customize routing in child frame  
453 06/26/21 06/26/21 done graph should allow filtering by modulation type, via context menu  
455 06/27/21 06/28/21 done accelerators for shift and rotate are counterintuitive; Ctrl should be rotate and Ctrl+Shift should be shift  
456 07/17/21 07/17/21 done Reset Layout fails to restart app in Windows 10, but only in Release; replace GetStartupInfo with minimal init  
457 07/19/21 07/19/21 done disable Phase bar's Export Video command while document is playing to avoid playback glitches  
459 08/13/21 08/13/21 done stretch command's interpolation should wrap around to first sample instead of clamping  
460 08/13/21 08/13/21 done next/previous pane command should set focus to track view  
461 08/19/21 08/19/21 done song length limited to less than thirteen hours; use custom time string conversions  
463 08/31/21 08/31/21 done changing meter should update loop from/to positions  
464 09/22/21 09/22/21 done in track view's note column, typing note name without octave doesn't work  
22 03/22/18 10/23/21 done context-sensitive help  
23 03/22/18 10/23/21 done enable persistence of UI customizations; prefix new command IDs so renumbering doesn't shift existing IDs  
465 10/25/21 10/25/21 done in mappings, add descending sort via Shift + left click in column header  
466 10/25/21 10/25/21 done increase maximum view update frequency  
467 10/25/21 10/25/21 done in track view, fix status hint and command help for grid control's context menu  
285 02/28/19 10/30/21 done song export length doesn't account for non-zero start position; similar issue with song view size  
469 10/31/21 10/31/21 done application flickers on startup; set base class flag to defer showing main window  
470 11/07/21 11/07/21 done app still flickers on startup due to duplicate view update; move main frame show/update to OnDelayedCreate  
471 11/08/21 11/08/21 done if main frame creation fails, app crashes, due to erroneous deletion of main frame pointer in InitInstance  
473 11/09/21 11/11/21 done graph should optionally crawl only sources, only targets, or both (bidirectional)  
454 06/27/21 11/12/21 done graph should allow filtering for multiple modulation types, via a check list dialog  
474 11/09/21 11/12/21 done graph should optionally limit recursion depth to a specified number of levels  
475 11/12/21 11/13/21 done graph should optionally include a legend, mapping edge colors to modulation types  
479 11/15/21 11/15/21 done MIDI file reader may return incorrect master tempo if file has a tempo map; return first tempo, not last one  
312 02/18/20 11/16/21 done song CSV export omits tempo map, because CMidiFile::ReadTracks doesn't support tempo map  
481 11/16/21 11/16/21 done phase bar should optionally draw elliptical orbits, using window's aspect ratio  
480 11/16/21 11/16/21 done record dialog's frame rate should persist  
482 11/14/21 11/17/21 done phase bar should optionally draw 3D planets, simulated via radial gradient  
478 11/14/21 11/23/21 done phase bar's image sequence export doesn't support tempo change  
485 11/24/21 11/24/21 done add night sky and crosshairs options to phase bar  
484 11/24/21 11/24/21 done move phase bar's Direct2D enable to OnShowChanged, potentially saving 60 ms during startup  
486 11/24/21 11/27/21 done phase bar should optionally show labels containing each orbit's period in ticks  
487 12/01/21 12/20/21 done add full screen mode for phase bar  
488 12/01/21 12/20/21 done show convergences in phase bar  
489 12/27/21 12/27/21 done in Step Values bar, clamp out-of-range values instead of wrapping them  
490 12/30/21 12/30/21 done remove unused MakeEvent prototype from Sequencer.h  
491 12/30/21 12/30/21 done replace AfxGetApp with faster method  
492 01/01/22 01/03/22 done note with zero velocity sends two note offs, one at note's start and one at its end; suppress second note off  
493 01/01/22 01/03/22 done add full screen mode for graph bar  
495 01/20/22 01/21/22 done add per-channel note overlap method; optionally merge overlapping notes into single note instead of splitting  
497 01/21/22 01/21/22 done tempo modulation makes UI slip out of sync with playback; caused by erroneous event count in sequencer  
498 01/21/22 01/21/22 done make tempo a mapping target  
499 01/22/22 01/21/22 done tempos below 4 BPM behave unexpectedly due to period in microseconds exceeding 24 bits; limit user input  
496 01/21/22 01/22/22 done display actual tempo in status bar while playing; query MIDI stream's tempo property  
500 01/27/22 01/27/22 done channel write shouldn't output overlaps member if it has default value; add special handling for non-events  
501 01/29/22 01/29/22 done grid control should automatically scroll horizontally when tabbing to an item that's outside the visible area  
502 01/29/22 01/30/22 done Step Values grid control shouldn't allow editing of items beyond end of track  
504 02/05/22 02/05/22 done step mapping unties notes; set step velocity only  
505 02/05/22 02/05/22 done make tie a mapping target  
513 02/13/22 02/13/22 done support offset modulation of modulator tracks  
514 02/15/22 02/15/22 done if MIDI error occurs during playback, app locks up due to endless message boxes reporting MIDI error 5  
472 11/08/21 02/26/22 done graph sometimes clips rightmost objects, in Graphviz versions 2.44 and above; fixed in Graphviz 3.0   Graphviz
516 05/18/22 05/19/22 done specifying loop via cell selection in Song view gives incorrect results if master start time is non-default  
518 05/18/22 05/19/22 done if loop exists, starting playback from position past end of loop causes incorrect looping  
517 05/19/22 05/19/22 done indicate loop range on Track and Song view rulers; support dragging of loop start/end  
520 06/16/22 06/16/22 done step view ruler shows half as many numbers as it should  
521 06/16/22 06/16/22 done fix initial ruler flicker in step and song views; set zoom in OnInitialUpdate instead of OnDelayedCreate  
523 06/20/22 06/20/22 done in Step Values bar, Ctrl+X deletes instead of cutting; use only low word of wParam for command ID  
524 06/21/22 06/22/22 done Step Values bar doesn't indicate song position for selected items; use more colors  
289 03/25/19 07/05/22 done piano bar should be able to show channels separately via multiple keyboards  
290 03/31/19 07/05/22 done in piano bar, notes that are active when velocity color is enabled have incorrect key colors  
526 07/04/22 07/05/22 done if piano bar is docked vertically, floating it by double-clicking its caption causes piano to be drawn incorrectly  
527 07/06/22 07/06/22 done a few dialog IDs are missing from help map  
528 07/17/22 07/23/22 done optionally exclude muted tracks from graph  
535 10/20/22 10/20/22 done support offset modulation of controller tracks  
530 07/27/22 10/24/22 done song view should line up with track view when they're side by side; use track grid's header and item height  
531 08/01/22 10/25/22 done add command to select all unmuted tracks  
534 09/22/22 10/29/22 done FormatMessage call must specify ignore inserts  
536 11/12/22 11/13/22 done offset modulation of modulator implements sign backwards; negative value should hasten target  
547 11/30/22 12/01/22 done floating piano bar should use vertical orientation if bar's height exceeds its width  
550 12/04/22 12/05/22 done phase bar's period text should be centered unless crosshairs are shown  
548 11/30/22 12/06/22 done in phase bar, periods in ticks are often too big to be useful; add option to divide them by specified value  
549 12/01/22 12/13/22 done graph should export other formats besides SVG: PNG, BMP, PDF  
552 12/07/22 12/14/22 done allow quant to be entered as a fraction  
551 12/07/22 12/17/22 done optionally display track quants as fractions; also show drop down with common values  
269 01/19/19 02/17/23 done support Unicode characters in track, part, and preset names; MIDI file format doesn't support Unicode  
395 07/22/20 02/17/23 done in live view, add pane menu via Shift+F10, so phase bar or other bars can be shown in full screen mode  
553 01/13/23 02/17/23 done velocity replace should optionally allow target to be a range of values  
558 02/04/23 02/17/23 done missing help for piano bar's Insert Track command  
560 01/21/23 02/23/23 done in MainFrm.h, replace CSequencer::CMidiEventArray with CTrackBase::CMidiEventArray to fix warning  
563 02/23/23 02/23/23 done phase bar video export should delete any previously existing frames in destination folder  
563 02/26/23 02/26/23 done move Graphviz path into app options  
562 02/20/23 02/27/23 done graph should allow channel selection  
18 03/22/18   hold optional linear interpolation for controller tracks, with adjustable output density    
19 03/22/18   hold radio groups; member tracks or parts automatically mute each other so that only one member sounds at a time    
20 03/22/18   hold instrument groups; member tracks are grouped together in live view and combined into one track in MIDI export    
50 03/25/18   hold animated visualization; Phase bar is a good start, but others?    
51 03/25/18   hold playback can be slow to start, due to device open delay; keep output device open all the time?    
52 03/25/18   hold output timing is unreliable at start of playback; likely only fixable by keeping output device open all the time    
53 04/09/18   hold undoing/redoing track or step edit should ensure affected track is visible    
72 05/10/18   hold right-click in step view background with no selection should show context menu?    
73 05/10/18   hold left-click anywhere in step view should toggle selected steps or mutes, as in original app; too confusing?    
82 05/17/18   hold installed app's shortcut icon has poor resolution; VS2008 installer bug, use WiX toolset instead?    
93 05/19/18   hold note correction to chord changes, from ChordEase; poorly defined, pitch class sets would be more general    
99 05/21/18   hold velocity pane visibility should be same for all documents?    
106 05/30/18   hold song view needs different menus?    
113 06/04/18   hold option to change track name font and thereby change track height    
114 06/04/18   hold song view should indicate undersampling (multiple dubs per cell at current zoom)    
124 06/21/18   hold track merge command; combine tracks that have identical settings and non-overlapping steps    
135 07/05/18   hold command to change track, part and preset names to title case    
149 07/14/18   hold channel volume sliders in live view; solving wrong problem?    
156 07/17/18   hold live view list controls should have grid lines but default color is too bright; draw gridlines in custom draw?    
164 07/26/18   hold live view should show approaching intersections between different loop lengths    
165 07/26/18   hold transpose within selected key; only doable if selected tracks are all in that key?    
166 07/26/18   hold in step view, steps should indicate whether track is muted; could be overdoing it, pink gives me a headache    
167 07/26/18   hold command to shift selected steps up or down one or more tracks    
168 07/26/18   hold replace steps, like paste but overwrite steps at insert position instead of shifting them; command or mode?    
181 07/30/18   hold optional tool tip in step view showing step's position and value; position in what format? Step index?    
183 08/02/18   hold mute tracks in song view; complicates sequencer and song view UI    
193 09/17/18   hold step zoom via Ctrl + mouse wheel doesn't work unless step view has focus; default OS behavior    
194 09/17/18   hold in step view, add command to select all steps of selected tracks    
200 09/23/18   hold ReadEnum should report undefined strings as errors? More accurate, but less robust    
201 09/25/18   hold pan column in channels bar should show signed values; conflicts with use of -1 as unspecified value    
212 10/17/18   hold in live view, dragging list selection beyond window boundaries should scroll list    
217 10/27/18   hold switching from song view to live view doesn't always update parts list to reflect dub state? Hard to replicate    
232 11/19/18   hold not/invert operator for modulations; would allow a single modulator track to control a crossfade   Benoit
233 11/19/18   hold highlight modulated parameters; complicates UI and doesn't fully capture modulation state   Benoit
234 11/19/18   hold detail view of modulations that shows target as well as source and type; editable, sortable, clipboard   Benoit
235 11/19/18   hold vertically fill the note column with values from a scale or chord   Benoit
236 11/19/18   hold length modulation; cool idea but hard to implement   Benoit
257 12/09/18   hold add hide/unhide column commands to track list header's context menu; where to store previous width?    
259 12/12/18   hold grid control's header should display tooltip for truncated column names; must subclass header control?    
296 06/12/19   hold option for space bar to start/stop playback without needing to also press Ctrl key; causes many UI conflicts    
318 03/02/20   hold separate window for viewing/editing recorded MIDI input    
340 04/04/20   hold scale modulation often repeats same work for each track that uses the scale; but not always!    
344 04/05/20   hold Step Values bar doesn't allow arbitrary rectangular selection; grid control limitation, custom view?    
347 04/06/20   hold extend sequence lead-in to fix initial timing glitch; multiply m_nCBLen in GetPosition and Play    
353 04/10/20   hold post-voicing sort could be replaced with insert sorted, but benchmarking shows little room for improvement    
354 04/11/20   hold channel modulation; but is it really necessary? Same effect is achievable with mute modulations    
355 04/11/20   hold window that shows current song time in huge font; excessive?    
370 05/27/20   hold force MIDI thru to a specified channel; useful for controllers that lack channel setting, but complicates MidiInProc    
372 06/08/20   hold song view should show loop lengths and their covergences graphically, possibly in a separate timeline pane    
373 06/13/20   hold in phase bar, add option to hide muted tracks; conflicts with showing convergences    
383 07/01/20   hold add more input quants; possibly useful with larger time divisions    
393 07/17/20   hold switching to song view should set all mutes to match song's current dub state (chase); must be synchronous    
396 07/22/20   hold transition from one document to another without stopping playback; conflicts with recording implementation    
402 08/05/20   hold indicate step selection in Step view's velocities pane    
403 08/22/20   hold preset track type, interpreting step value as preset index; requires moving preset array into sequencer    
405 08/22/20   hold in mapping, add Note Number input event type: get data value from note's index, ignoring velocity and note off    
407 09/17/20   hold select all unmuted tracks; hardly worth cluttering up the Edit menu?    
410 09/28/20   hold live view position bars for track groups should reflect LCM of periods instead of maximum period; could be slow    
416 10/20/20   hold Graphviz PDF output looks better than SVG (if Adobe is installed) but it overrides our context menu    
431 01/13/21   hold device change notification should retry missing MIDI device and close message box if successful    
434 01/19/21   hold graph should optionally indicate track type    
433 01/19/21   hold track should be a potential mapping source, so tracks can automate parameters; inject MIDI event?    
437 01/20/21   hold add harmonizer and harmonic anticipation, adapted from ChordEase    
452 06/24/21   hold optional song metadata; title, author, website, email, license, comments    
462 08/31/21   hold dialog that allows song dubs to be edited directly; complex because each track stores its own dubs    
477 11/13/21   hold modulation types filter dialog should be modeless or at least have a preview option    
494 01/18/22   hold insert modulators command; create appropriately initialized modulator track(s) of specified type    
503 02/01/22   hold indicate MIDI input activity in the status bar; per-channel indicators would be helpful too    
507 02/09/22   hold sequence modulation; similar to index modulation, but returns next step regardless of song position    
506 02/09/22   hold add Hold track type; postpone a channel's note offs until Hold state is zero, like damper pedal controller    
510 02/13/22   hold in Wine, Phase bar doesn't work at all, likely due to its use of Direct2D   Wine
511 02/13/22   hold in Wine, HTML help's Contents and Index tabs are empty, but Search works and all topics are present   Wine
512 02/13/22   hold in Wine, MIDI devices added while app is running don't appear until the app is exited and restarted   Wine
519 06/07/22   hold optionally group tracks by MIDI channel in Live view, with each group in its own list and group muting    
522 06/17/22   hold indicate step or cell selection in status bar, depending on which view has focus    
525 06/21/22   hold Step view and Step Values bar should mirror each other's selection if possible    
529 07/22/22   hold docking bar context menu commands should be available in Customize dialog    
533 09/05/22   hold overlay preset; save mute states of selected tracks only, and affect only those tracks when preset is applied    
554 01/20/23   hold phase bar lacks command to export still image; workaround is export one-second video with frame rate of 1    
555 01/21/23   hold need a scaling factor that modulation source step values are multiplied by; member of modulation or track?    
557 02/04/23   hold help for context menu command should navigate directly to relevant text even if it's in a table; use tr tag's id    
559 02/19/23   hold view timer is extremely inaccurate; add option to use multimedia timer with drift compensation    
561 02/20/23   hold graph should optionally indicate muted tracks    
21 03/22/18   punt swing modulation; achievable with offset modulation so no need    
74 05/10/18   punt synchronized scrolling of track and step views can fail to line up, especially if velocity pane is showing    
83 05/17/18   punt in velocity pane, left-click on tooltip causes app to flash; all tooltips do this, derived tooltip doesn't help    
100 05/21/18   punt scroll positions should persist in document; more trouble than it's worth    
119 06/08/18   punt untying note should set all steps to velocity of original tied note; better to preserve velocity    
198 09/18/18   punt modulation dubbing is sensitive to track order at longer latencies; also affects export    
237 11/19/18   punt step copy/cut/paste should support non-rectangular step selection; incompatible with step view design   Benoit
238 11/19/18   punt list view selection is hard to see when list doesn't have focus; curse at Microsoft or change theme   Benoit
239 11/19/18   punt sort on note name without octave; not sure why this is useful   Benoit
240 11/21/18   punt while drawing velocities in velocity pane, dragging left/right of window should scroll view; tried it, too confusing    
264 01/11/19   punt in Piano view, if multiple instances of a note overlap, velocity color may be inaccurate; unavoidable    
286 02/28/19   punt song playback doesn't always match live output when modulator tracks have big quants; dub granularity issue    
294 05/30/19   punt modulation list is empty regardless of track selection; can't reproduce it, brain fire?    
301 11/12/19   punt popup edit of step's velocity value, via Ctrl + right click on step; tried it, step grid view would be more useful    
468 10/30/21   punt at refresh rate of 60 Hz or above, song view cursor flickers during playback if track count is five or less    
476 11/13/21   punt render phase diagram in 3D, with variable lighting, texture and rotation of orbital plane; simulated 3D is enough    
483 11/16/21   punt docking windows submenu doesn't support selection via mnemonics; framework issue, BuildPanesMenu    
556 01/21/23   punt resize live view's progress bar via left-click drag; conflicts with primary function of left-click