Release Notes  05/31/2019

  1. Added an invert command to the track menu; inverts selected tracks or steps.
  2. Left-clicking within the mute pane but not on a mute button now toggles the selected track mutes.
  3. Velocity bars with a value of 64 didn't line up with the origin; fixed.
  4. Tempo changes were causing a spurious stuck note on the piano bar; fixed.  02/26/2019

  1. Added an option to prevent note overlaps (overlapping instances of the same note on the same MIDI channel), in MIDI output and export.
  2. The MIDI file export now outputs one track per channel in all cases.  02/13/2019

  1. Add Graph bar for displaying modulation graphs; requires Graphviz.
  2. Add MIDI Input bar that displays MIDI input events, with filtering.
  3. In modulation bar, paste wasn't setting document modified flag; fixed.
  4. Right click on list header divider showed incorrect context menu; fixed.
  5. Piano bar keys get stuck on if MIDI input device sends note off commands instead of note on commands with zero velocity; fixed.
  6. Left-clicking piano bar key now optionally outputs MIDI note if sequencer is playing and piano bar's output channel is set.
  7. Add track offset command that offsets selected tracks by a given number of ticks.
  8. An exported MIDI file could have an incorrect initial track mute state; fixed.
  9. Add Tools Export Song command that exports song MIDI data to a CSV file.  01/17/2019

  1. Added recursive position modulation; modulations can now be position modulated.
  2. Piano bar's note names now match key signature.
  3. Tracks can now be inserted from the piano bar, via context menu or Ctrl+left-click.
  4. The Import MIDI File, Import Steps, and Record to Tracks commands were corrupting track indices in modulations, presets, and parts; fixed.
  5. Recursive modulation was handling mute incorrectly for depths of three or more; fixed.  01/10/2019

  1. Added MIDI output bar that displays sequencer output, with filtering options.
  2. Added piano bar that displays output notes on a piano keyboard, with filtering.
  3. Added command that resets window layout to defaults.  12/19/2018

  1. Added track export to CSV, and track import from CSV.  12/15/2018

  1. The song view now shows negative time when start position is less than zero.
  2. Adding or removing tracks or changing PPQ wasn't updating the Song view; fixed.
  3. Added note range to the Track view, so a modulated note can be limited to a range.
  4. Added position modulation type; it rotates the target track by one or more steps.
  5. Added import steps from CSV file, and export steps from selected tracks to CSV file.
  6. Added clipboard support to the modulation bar, allowing copy / paste of modulations.
  7. Added sorting of modulations by type or source, via the modulations bar context menu.
  8. Tooltips are now shown for truncated items in all grid controls.
  9. Added find and replace for track names.
  10. Ctrl + Tab wasn't always switching between documents; fixed.
  11. Unnamed tracks are now shown in the Live view to avoid confusion.
  12. Added import modulations from CSV file; also added export modulations.  12/07/2018

  1. Added a Record Tracks command that records live MIDI input (notes only) to tracks.
  2. The group overlap warning now lets you resolve the conflict by reassigning tracks.
  3. The MIDI import was mangling event times; its timing accuracy is now much improved.
  4. During recording, dubs made while song position was negative weren't recorded; fixed.
  5. During recording, presets applied via the Presets bar weren't recorded; fixed.
  6. The Song view wasn't restoring its zoom from the document correctly; fixed.
  7. The MIDI export wasn't reliably outputting initial controller events; fixed.
  8. The MIDI export no longer outputs modulator tracks.  11/20/2018

  1. Added recursive mute modulation (modulation of modulation), for tracks of modulator type only.
  2. Added Song view shortcut keys that move current position to next or previous dub (Shift + left/right arrows).
  3. Added song view shortcut key to center current position within view by scrolling as needed (Shift + Home).
  4. The Go To Position command now automatically centers the current position if it's too close to either side.
  5. Zooming the Song view all the way out caused the current position marker to slip; fixed.
  6. The fill command didn't handle non-rectangular selections properly; fixed.  11/07/2018

  1. Added an Import command that reads a MIDI file and converts its notes to tracks.
  2. Added a Fill command that fills selected tracks or steps with a range of values.
  3. The song MIDI export now only output tracks for channels that are actually used.
  4. The velocity command can now offset or scale step velocities.
  5. Modulation type and source can now be changed for multiple modulations at once.
  6. The velocity origin setting is now persistent and consistent for all open documents.
  7. The Song view's grid now indicates track selection, as in the Step view.
  8. The Apply Preset command wasn't updating the Live view; fixed.
  9. The arrow keys didn't navigate the main menus if a scroll view had focus; fixed.
  10. The Velocity command had no effect if the offset was negative; fixed.
  11. In the Track and Song Views, dragging a rectangular selection beyond the window boundaries now automatically scrolls the view.
  12. Pasting tracks didn't update the Song view size; fixed.
  13. Pasting modulated tracks often behaved unexpectedly; fixed.
  14. When dragging a rectangular selection in the Step view, overshooting to the right of track's last step caused an an invalid step selection error; fixed.
  15. Mouse capture wasn't released if a window lost focus during dragging; fixed.  10/08/2018

  1. Unlimited modulation, allowing a track to have any number of modulators of each type.
  2. Added a song MIDI export that includes dubbing and merges the tracks by channel.
  3. Added a track stretch command that scales track length by a percentage, stretching or squashing the contents.
  4. Added a deselect command.
  5. Added status bar hints for the Parts and Presets context menus.
  6. Added a Tracks command to the Parts bar context menu; it selects tracks belonging to the selected parts.
  7. Step and Song view rulers now show beat:tick, or measure:beat:tick if meter is specified.
  8. Left-clicking in the Step view's ruler now moves the current position, as in Song view.
  9. In the Step and Song views, the arrow keys now scroll similarly to a list control; Ctrl for by page, else by line.
  10. The velocity pane's tooltips now optionally show signed values; left-clicking the origin label toggles signed mode.
  11. In property grids, for properties with options, Alt+Down now drops the options list.
  12. In property grids, for properties with options, typing a value didn't update the target property; fixed.
  13. In the Live view, if the list was too long to fit, a horizontal scroll bar appeared; fixed.
  14. In the Live view, after left-clicking a list, the mouse wheel didn't scroll the list; fixed.
  15. Double-clicking in the Parts or Presets lists but not on an item crashed the app; fixed.  08/18/2018

  1. The Step view now indicates track selection.
  2. Step view drawing is better optimized.
  3. A close button was added to the velocity pane.
  4. On entering the Live view, parts and presets are now forced to have consistent mute states.
  5. The velocity tooltip disappears if the cursor leaves the window while dragging the velocity bar; fixed.
  6. The velocity tooltip occasionally disappears when velocity bar is left-clicked; fixed.  07/28/2018

  1. Allow overdubbing, i.e. adding dubs to an existing recording.
  2. Add commands to shift or rotate by a given number of steps, specified via dialog.
  3. The Song view now support the Select All command; useful for deleting an entire recording.
  4. Allow sorting by track ID; useful for putting tracks back in their original order after sorting by something else.
  5. Prevent self-modulation by excluding the selected tracks from modulator drop list.
  6. Right-clicking in the Step view ruler caused spurious step selection; fixed.
  7. Right-clicking in the Live view's progress bars didn't clear the selection; fixed.
  8. In the Live view, applying a preset was marking the document as modified; fixed.
  9. In the Modulation bar, don't create an undo state unless the modulator actually changes.
  10. In the Song view, undoing dubs past end of song didn't update the view correctly; fixed.
  11. Spinning the mouse wheel fast could potentially overflow the stack; fixed.
  12. Pitch bend was getting stuck when switching between presets; fixed.
  13. Add tempo, key signature, meter and record indicator to live view.
  14. Closing all open documents at once (via Windows dialog) crashes app; fixed.  07/11/2018

  1. The view type (Track, Song, or Live) now persists in the document.
  2. The Live view now has progress bars that indicate the current position within each part.
  3. The Live view's font height is now configurable via the options.
  4. On switching to the Live view, the current preset is now selected if applicable.
  5. In the Live view, the widths of the Presets and Parts lists can now be adjusted by dragging their headers, and also persist.
  6. In the Live view, the solo button now indicates mouse hover.  07/08/2018

  1. Add option to always record and automatically save the recording to a new file name.
  2. Add option to display property descriptions in the properties bar.
  3. Add option to specify the default note velocity.
  4. Add song start position to the master properties.
  5. Add command to update an existing part from the current track selection.
  6. Add solo button to the Live view.
  7. Add elapsed time to the Live view.
  8. In Step view, toggling the tie notes state behaved inconsistently; fixed.
  9. Negative song positions were displayed incorrectly; fixed.
  10. Undoing the update preset command deleted the preset instead of restoring its state; fixed.
  11. In track view, for non-note track types, using the note edit control's spin buttons unexpectedly showed note names; fixed.  07/03/2018

  1. Add live performance view (similar to Jock) with presets and grouped parts.
  2. Add a parts bar for grouping tracks; part members display as a single entity in live view and mute/unmute together.
  3. Add inter-track modulation; the supported types are mute, note, velocity, and duration.
  4. Add full screen mode.
  5. Add song meter (in beats per measure) to the master properties.
  6. On opening a document, the step or song view size is initially incorrect if the document was saved with any zoom other than one; fixed.  06/18/2018

  1. Add presets bar.
  2. Add track solo.
  3. Add cut, copy, paste, delete, and insert in song view.
  4. Left-click behavior is now consistent in step, mute, and song views.
  5. Support Page Up / Down, Home and End keys in step and song views.
  6. Track view was initially blank due to all its columns having zero width; fixed.  06/06/2018

  1. Add song view, for editing the arrangement on a timeline.
  2. Add commands to shift selected tracks or steps left or right.
  3. Add Track and Transport menus.
  4. Popup numeric edit's spin buttons now affect the output immediately.
  5. Column widths and order and splitter bar positions now persist.
  6. Add option to show General MIDI patch and drum names instead of numbers.
  7. Property lists weren't showing tooltips for partially visible captions; fixed.
  8. After recording, playback prompts to replace recording; fixed.  06/02/2018

  1. In a popup edit control, left-clicking its up/down spin button or pressing an up/down arrow key could crash app, for 64-bit version only; fixed.
  2. Mute buttons may have different height than steps and tracks, depending on Windows version and configuration; fixed.  05/26/2018

  1. Implement recording of track dubs (mute/unmute).
  2. Song mode for playback of recorded dubs; View/Mode.
  3. Add tie notes mode; instead of always defaulting to untied note, user can specify default.
  4. Add key signature.
  5. Add transpose command.
  6. Make zoom step size adjustable.
  7. Make zoom persist in document.
  8. Show current position in time as well as in beats and ticks.
  9. Optionally show note names instead of numbers in note edit controls.
  10. Give tracks unique IDs, for use in groups.
  11. Deleting current step crashes app; fixed.
  12. Track view occasionally paints incorrectly when scrolled via step view; fixed.
  13. Auto-repeated arrow key in tempo edit property unexpectedly sets tempo to one; fixed.  05/19/2018

  1. Add other track types besides note: controller, patch change, aftertouch, pitch bend.
  2. Add velocity pane for editing velocities, controllers, etc.
  3. Add next pane (F6) and previous pane (Shift+F6) commands.
  4. Add Length command that lets you set track length via the cursor.
  5. Add Reverse command that reverses selected tracks or steps.
  6. Add Rotate command that rotates selected tracks or steps left or right.
  7. Add Tempo nudge, via spin button control in tempo property.
  8. Output MIDI devices were sometimes missing; fixed.
  9. MIDI devices with duplicate names weren't shown in Options dialog; fixed.
  10. The mute buttons were scrolling horizontally off screen; fixed.
  11. The step selection was invisible if the show current position option was false; fixed.
  12. Contracting the step selection over narrow steps left strips of unerased selection; fixed.  05/10/2018

  1. Add step editing commands; cut, copy, paste, insert, delete.
  2. Synchronize vertical scrolling between track and step views.
  3. Step view's ruler was scrolling vertically off screen; fixed.  05/04/2018

  1. Tied notes with swing were overlapping due to incorrect durations; fixed.  05/03/2018

  1. Add support for tied notes; Shift+left-click in step view toggles tie state.
  2. Indicate beats in step view, via vertical grid lines.
  3. In step view, add rectangular selection of steps via right-click and drag.
  4. In step view, add track selection via right-click and vertical drag over mute buttons.  04/29/2018

  1. Unlimited track length.
  2. Width of steps within each track now varies in proportion to the track's quantization.
  3. UI completely redesigned.
  4. Multi-channel edit in channels bar.
  5. Track sort, with multi-level sorting.  04/22/2018

This is the initial release.