Four short clips that show what ChordEase can do. The tracks are "In Your Own Sweet Way", "Along Together", "Dolphin Dance", and "Black Orpheus".

A demonstration of the various mapping functions and other features of ChordEase.

This demo shows the ChordEase user interface. The white keys are dynamically remapped to notes from the current chord's scale. The song's chord progression is shown in the top right corner. The upper keyboard shows the performer's input notes. It also shows what note each white key is mapped to. The lower keyboard shows the output notes generated by ChordEase.

The MIDI guitarist is playing single notes, which ChordEase is automatically converting to 6-part harmony (melody line + harmony line + drop 2 tetrachords) for the standard "House of Jade".

The theremin controls the strings sound. On the piano, the "cycle of thirds" mapping is used starting at the fifth measure, and the harmonizer is used during bridge. The song is "Naima".

For more videos, check the ChordEase YouTube page.