ChordEase is easy to build if you have Visual Studio. It should compile cleanly in the following Visual Studio versions: MFC6.0, VS2005, VS2008, VS2010, and VS2012. Note that VS2010 and VS2012 will convert the project file. ChordEase may compile in newer versions, but it will not compile in versions older than MFC6.0, nor will it run on any Windows older than XP. Other than MFC, ChordEase has no source dependencies. ChordEase also compiles cleanly as Unicode, and all its strings are resources, to facilitate localized versions.

ChordEase uses two DLLs but will run without either of them. One is CKUpdate.dll, which checks for updates; the other is ThreadBoost.dll, which raises the priority of MIDI input callback threads in Vista/7/8. Note that if you're building the 64-bit version, you must delete the 32-bit version of htmlhelp.lib from the ChordEase project folder, otherwise you'll get linker errors.

A non-GUI (console app) version of the source code is available here. This may be useful if you want to port ChordEase to a different platform or use its engine in a different context.

If you would like to contribute, e.g. by coding, testing, documenting or translating, please contact me. See the list(s) below for pending projects.


Revision History

The revision history is a spreadsheet containing all past, current, and future issues with ChordEase. The issues are ordered by category, close date, and open date. The categories are as follows:

bug outstanding issue, to be fixed ASAP
done resolved issue or completed enhancement
hold issue or enhancement that's being deferred
punt issue or enhancement that's been abandoned
ripe issue that's favored or long overdue
todo issue to be addressed in the next version
wip work in progress


ChordEase development notes