PotterDraw compiles cleanly in Visual Studio 2012. It may compile in later versions, and VS2010 may work if the Platform Toolset is changed. PotterDraw requires Direct3D 9, version 26. Otherwise PotterDraw has no source dependencies. PotterDraw is built for Unicode, and all of its strings are resources, to facilitate localized versions.

If you would like to contribute, e.g. by coding, testing, documenting or translating, please contact me.

Revision History

The revision history is a spreadsheet containing all past, current, and future issues with PotterDraw. The issues are ordered by category, close date, and open date. The categories are as follows:

bug outstanding issue, to be fixed ASAP
done resolved issue or completed enhancement
hold issue or enhancement that's being deferred
punt issue or enhancement that's been abandoned
ripe issue that's favored or long overdue
todo issue to be addressed in the next version
wip work in progress