Release Notes  05/21/2021

  1. Generated palette swaps red and blue channels in Windows 10; fixed.  03/05/2018

  1. Secondary modulation was added, allowing modulations to be modulated; types include amplitude modulation (AM), frequency modulation (FM), pulse width modulation, etc.
  2. The Semicircle and Circular Pulse waveforms were added.
  3. The Invert motif was added.
  4. Vertex rotation was optimized, increasing render speed by ~4% and improving precision.
  5. Editing a drop list in the Modulation bar via left-click didn't update the toolbar's undo/redo icons until the focus was changed; fixed.  01/20/2018

  1. A Ring Phase property was added, to allow more complex twisting effects.
  2. A Ruffle oscillator was added to the Bend effect; it phase modulates the Bend oscillator to create wavy ripples.
  3. Optional auto-zoom was added to the auto-rotate effect.  12/23/2017

  1. Four new color patterns were added: Azimuth, Incline, Azimuth & Incline, and Edges.
  2. For Ripple and Bend, Operation, Power, and Power Type and properties were added.
  3. Transparency is now supported, via the Transparent render style (Render/Transparent).
  4. The render style (Wireframe, Gouraud, etc.) and Lighting commands were moved from the View menu to the new Render menu.
  5. Step Forward and Step Backward commands were added to the View menu. They let you move to a precise position within an animation by stepping one frame at a time.
  6. The Random Phase command was added to the View menu. It lets you explore an animation's phase space, by randomizing the phases of animated modulations.
  7. In previous versions, a non-animated modulation of a mesh property would slow texture-only animation, by causing the mesh to be needlessly rebuilt for every frame; fixed.  11/21/2017

  1. Polygonal shapes are now supported, via a new group of polygon mesh properties.
  2. The radius color pattern was added; it uses the pot's radius as the U coordinate, so that the texture mapping illustrates the pot's contours.
  3. Exponential power can now be applied to waveforms asymmetrically or symmetrically, selectable via the new Power Type property.
  4. The mesh properties are now organized into subgroups that can be hidden.
  5. The 3D view's lighting is now configurable, via the Lighting command on the View menu.
  6. The palette can now be imported from or exported to a file, via Tools menu commands.
  7. The PLY export with vertex color wasn't handling texture from an image file; fixed.
  8. Texture updates are 16x faster, due to eliminating an unintended video memory read.
  9. Some scallop properties were needlessly rebuilding the mesh in certain cases; fixed.  10/26/2017

  1. New scallop properties were added: Scallop Waveform, Operation, Range, and Power.
  2. New waveforms were added: Pulse, Rounded Pulse, Triangular Pulse, Sine Cubed, and Flame. The new pulse waveforms have variable Pulse Width and Slew.
  3. Recording now saves and restores the pre-record state of the auto-rotate and animation settings.
  4. The record status dialog now includes an estimate of the remaining render time.
  5. In the spline window, adding a node to a line segment unexpectedly produces curves; fixed.
  6. The spline window's grid spacing wasn't being saved in the document; fixed.  09/07/2017

  1. Add Scallop Phase property; modulating it produces wavy scallops.
  2. Add Load Texture command to File menu, so it's more obvious how to load texture.
  3. Allow texture file to be loaded via drag and drop from Explorer.
  4. Add check for updates feature.
  5. Optimize texture mapping, by copying texture from outer to inner wall.
  6. Add option to continuously update view during spline dragging.
  7. Modulation property change wasn't updating oscilloscope, fixed.  08/16/2017

This is the initial release.