WaveShop Application:

64-bit Windows users are strongly encouraged to install the 64-bit version of WaveShop, because it can load bigger files and/or more files at once without running out of memory.

WaveShop Portable Application (no installer):

The portable app has NO INSTALLER, and doesn't use the registry; all settings are stored in an INI file in the same folder as the app. If you want an installer, download the regular app.

For a list of changes, see the release notes.

For printable help, download WaveShop Help.

Older releases are available here.

Steve Harris' LADSPA Plugins:

All 92 of Steve's plugins are included. Be careful to take the appropriate package: 32-bit WaveShop only accepts 32-bit plugins, and 64-bit WaveShop only accepts 64-bit plugins. Plugins must be copied into WaveShop's Plugins folder, as explained here. Steve provides documentation for his plugins and their parameters. A compact summary is also available, either sorted by filename, or sorted by input and output counts.