Release Notes

  1. The Numbers mapping function was added; input notes are mapped to one of seven tonal palettes, each consisting of four scale tones.
  2. The harmonizer settings were moved to their own page within the Parts bar.
  3. The chord bar's drop lists were blank if a message box was displayed during initialization; fixed.
  4. The chord bar's root and bass drop lists behaved erratically if the song was transposed; fixed.
  5. Chord editing didn't account for song transposition and showed untransposed root and bass notes; fixed.
  6. The chord bar's bass drop list failed to update when the bass note was changed via the view or a MIDI controller; fixed.
  7. Key-appropriate accidentals are now shown in the chord bar, view context menus, and insert chord dialog.
  8. Changing the scale or mode via MIDI didn't update the chord dictionary dialog; fixed.

  1. Parts can be grouped to prevent voice collisions in multi-part harmonizations.
  2. The harmonizer can optionally be constrained to a variable set of chord tones.
  3. A part can now send Bank Select messages in addition to a Patch Change message.
  4. The Piano dialog's keys can optionally be colored to show input note velocities, or to show scale tones mapped to a rainbow palette linearly or in thirds.
  5. The Piano dialog's key labels can optionally show numeric input note velocities.
  6. The Output Notes bar's keys can optionally be colored to show output note velocities.
  7. The Note Mapping Properties dialog now includes the part's enable setting.
  8. Note Mapping Properties are accessible via the Parts List's context menu or Alt+Enter.
  9. The Note Mapping Properties dialog could display negative port values; fixed.
  10. The Output Notes bar was potentially exceeding the bounds of the key array; fixed.
  11. The Piano dialog was inconsistently showing auto play notes; fixed.
  12. Showing the Piano dialog highlighted all active notes, instead of only those notes that matched the dialog's input port and channel settings; fixed.
  13. Showing the Piano dialog via its main menu mnemonic reset the note corresponding to the shortcut 'P', if any; fixed.
  14. In the Piano dialog, selecting a context menu item via its mnemonic reset the note corresponding to that mnemonic, if any; fixed.
  15. The Previous Pane (Shift+F6) command was getting stuck on the Chord Bar; fixed.
  16. MIDI devices with multiple input or output ports are handled better, and devices which are present but swapped (e.g. plugged into different USB ports) are now located.
  17. Adaptive arpeggios now support repeat.
  18. The Output Notes bar now has key label options to display intervals or scale tones.
  19. The Output Notes bar's Rotate Labels setting wasn't persisting correctly; fixed.
  20. The user interface was lagging behind chord changes by up to 50ms; fixed.

  1. Chord substitution is now supported, via switching between different chord dictionaries.
  2. A chord toolbar was added, with drop lists and MIDI targets for the current chord's root, type, bass, scale and mode.
  3. In the MIDI Assignments dialog, a "Properties" command was added that lets you edit the properties of multiple MIDI assignments at once; it's accessible via the context menu or Alt+Enter. A similar properties command was added to the MIDI Note Mappings dialog.
  4. MIDI targets were added for Bass/Lowest Note and Comp/Chord Resets Alternation.
  5. The tap tempo button wasn't being highlighted during MIDI learn; fixed.
  6. The Next and Previous Chord commands now respect sections and support tagging.
  7. The chord dictionary dialog no longer has an Apply button, because dictionary changes now take effect immediately.
  8. Deleting all chord types from the chord dictionary could cause an access violation; fixed.
  9. Editing the chord dictionary was silently reverting all song edits, without updating the chart view; fixed.
  10. After reordering the chord dictionary, undoing a song edit could scramble the song's chord types; fixed.
  11. Reordering the chord dictionary could cause song chords previously copied to the clipboard to become invalid, and pasting them could crash the app; fixed.
  12. The chart view now supports navigation via the Tab and Shift+Tab keys.
  13. In the print preview, chord symbols had incorrect character spacing and appeared horizontally squashed, drastically so for larger font sizes; fixed.
  14. In a printed chart, the grid lines were too narrow to be reliably visible; fixed.
  15. In a printed chart, the chart is now horizontally centered on the printed page.
  16. Disabling the "Always record" option caused an "unamed file" error after recording MIDI data with no song open; fixed.
  17. Pressing the Alt key was stealing focus from child dialogs; fixed.
  18. Dockbar controls were retaining focus after the bar was hidden; fixed.

  1. Add dynamic looping AKA tagging: tag length, tag repeat count, and start tag.
  2. Add tap tempo; set the tempo via tapping.
  3. Add option to adapt arpeggios to chord changes; fix unplayed arpeggio notes that would otherwise clash with the new chord.
  4. Add a chord dictionary editor, supporting the standard editing commands.
  5. Allow comp chord sizes other than triads and tetrachords.
  6. Optionally fix duplicate notes in a recording's output MIDI file, by deferring note off commands until the note has zero instances.
  7. MIDI chase now shows the target page even if the target parameter is unchanged.
  8. In the MIDI assignments dialog, add a column to show the controller's current value, updated dynamically.
  9. Prematurely ending a one-shot arpeggio turns off notes that weren't played; fixed.
  10. Next chord and previous chord commands have the same mnemonic; fixed.
  11. Ending a part MIDI target edit by selecting a different part applies the edit to the wrong part; fixed.
  12. Any part edit followed by deselecting all parts and then undoing causes a crash; fixed.
  13. Ctrl+Enter and Ctrl+Backspace shortcuts don't work if an edit control has focus; fixed.
  14. MIDI target dialog's column widths don't persist; introduced in 1.0.07, fixed.
  15. Alt+A mnemonic doesn't work correctly in property pages; fixed.

  1. Attempting to assign a MIDI controller that's already assigned now triggers a warning.
  2. A column was added to the MIDI assignments dialog to indicate shared controllers.
  3. The output notes bar now supports custom piano sizes, via its context menu.
  4. If a grid control isn't already editing, pressing Tab now edits the first item within the grid control's current row.
  5. Pressing Tab in the parts list was causing the list to lose focus; fixed.
  6. The record player's position slider didn't work for positions greater than approximately 11 minutes; fixed.
  7. In the record player's position slider, the left/right arrows now change the position by 1% of the recording's length, instead of a millisecond which was too little to be useful.
  8. If the help window and the piano dialog were visible, and the piano dialog had focus, exiting the app would cause a crash; fixed.
  9. Since version 1.0.09, the tempo shown in the status bar wasn't being scaled by the tempo multiple anymore; fixed.

  1. ChordEase can now synchronize to MIDI clocks from an external device.
  2. ChordEase can now output MIDI clocks and sequencer control messages.
  3. A non-diatonic notes rule was added that outputs scale tones in cycle of thirds order.
  4. A command was added to transpose the selected chords (Edit/Transpose).
  5. A command was added to change the length of the selected chords (Edit/Length).
  6. Changing the time signature via File/Properties now updates the chord durations.
  7. The song text editor (File/Edit) now supports find and replace.
  8. In Vista/7/8, the MIDI input callback thread's priority is now raised to reduce latency.
  9. The threads dialog was failing to update itself and showing stale data; fixed.
  10. The bass trigger button wasn't being highlighted in MIDI learn mode; fixed.
  11. The metronome page now shows the output device name.

  1. The context-sensitive help is complete.
  2. Impro-Visor lead sheet (.ls) files are supported.
  3. The chord dictionary supports aliases.
  4. A Reset Filters command was added to the MIDI Input/Output dialog's context menu.
  5. A Go To command was added to the Transport menu; it jumps to the specified position.
  6. The Section Properties dialog now allows the section's Start and Length to be edited.
  7. The various folder dialogs now set the initial directory.
  8. The Output Notes bar's Port popup menu now shows the output device names.
  9. Local off wasn't sent until a song was opened; fixed.
  10. Showing the MIDI Input/Output dialog was resetting the device/port filter; fixed.
  11. The status bar initially didn't show the song position after a song was opened; fixed.
  12. The chart view didn't update after opening a patch that changed global tranpose; fixed.
  13. Parts list editing commands are now enabled only when the parts list has focus.

  1. The MIDI target lists were refactored to use a standard grid control.
  2. The MIDI target lists now show the current controller values for assigned targets.
  3. A MIDI learn target can now be selected by clicking its dialog control if it has one.
  4. MIDI learn now supports learning a part's input port and channel, simplifying setup.
  5. Setting a bass approach target crashed the app if the song was empty; fixed.
  6. Double-clicking a patch file in Explorer started the app but didn't load the patch; fixed.
  7. Renaming a measure repeat or a multi-chord selection behaved unexpectedly; fixed.
  8. Duplicate chords were being merged even if they were in different sections; fixed.
  9. List control tool tips were incorrectly positioned; fixed.

  1. Recording now works while stopped, allowing rubato performances to be recorded.
  2. Added built-in player for MIDI recordings, with support for multiple output devices.
  3. Added controller target for input note velocity.
  4. MIDI Input/Output bars now optionally show controller names; enable via context menu.
  5. Auto-rewind is now optional; it's set via Transport menu.
  6. Changing song position via Next Chord and similar now optionally corrects held notes.
  7. Shift+F10 wasn't showing context menu in some sizing bars; fixed.
  8. MIDI Input/Output bars weren't updating device names on device change; fixed.
  9. Input note controller failed if its device and/or channel differed from part's; fixed.
  10. Song editing via chart view was removing comments from song file; fixed.
  11. Song properties dialog now allows entry and editing of comments.
  12. Auto-record was sometimes generating incorrect titles; fixed.
  13. Undocking a control bar could crash app if song was empty; fixed.

  1. Added output notes bar.
  2. Added continuous controller for input note.
  3. Replace bass chromatic checkbox with non-diatonic notes combo.
  4. Dragging all chords out of a section fails; fixed.
  5. Patch document has incorrect icon; hopefully fixed.

  1. The song can now be editing directly in the chart view, instead of editing it as text.
  2. The song and the patch now have separate undo histories.
  3. Dragging a patch file from Explorer failed, as did specifying it via the command line; fixed.
  4. The installer now registers the patch file type.
  5. The piano can now show scale tones only.

Note that the auto-update feature will not work for this version. Please completely uninstall the previous version, and then install this one. Apologies for the inconvenience.

  1. The piano keys can now show chord tones and tensions; set via context menu.
  2. The MIDI Device bar now includes the state (open or closed) of each device.
  3. A MIDI Note Mappings dialog was added; it shows how input is mapped to output.
  4. The song file extension was changed from .txt to .ces to avoid conflicts.
  5. The data folder path can now be changed, via the options dialog.
  6. The lead-in was only being done if the song was at the beginning; fixed.
  7. With repeat off, the app wasn't stopping at the end of the song; fixed.

  1. Added virtual piano, so notes can be triggered via mouse or computer's keyboard.
  2. Optionally display current note mapping on virtual piano.
  3. Added tool tips for all patch and part controls.
  4. Added commands for next and previous chord, allowing rubato playing.
  5. Chart view now indicates sections.
  6. Song position can now be set via MIDI.
  7. Section repeat was causing bass approach to get stuck; fixed.
  8. Added toolbar button for next section command.
  9. Harmonic anticipation and bass approach caused wrong notes near end of section; fixed.
  10. In MIDI Input and Output views, added context menu item to clear MIDI event history.
  11. In MIDI assignments dialog, items initially weren't correctly sorted; fixed.
  12. After editing song while playing, if first chord was invalid, app would crash; fixed.

This update fixes a chord dictionary not found error and some other issues.

  1. Non-admin users were getting a chord dictionary not found error. Fixed.
  2. The MIDI device name is now shown on part's Input and Output pages.
  3. The check for updates feature is now optional.
  4. Comments are now allowed in song files.

This is the initial release.